Shakedown Countdown

Shakedown Countdown

Seems like I’ve been making preparations for yonks…anticipating what I will need for any scenario that arises while I’m on the road.  I finally got to put my preparedness and the trailer to the test last week on a two-day shakedown trip to Joshua Tree National Park.



There’s no electric or water at the campsites at Joshua Tree so I was able to try boon docking (living fully self-contained in the trailer). All went well…the solar panels charged the batteries, the furnace, fridge and hot water heater all ran on propane and I didn’t use all of my stored water taking a lengthy shower.


There was only one issue and that was with the inverter that converts 12-volt DC power (from the batteries) to 110 volt AC power (I think I got that right). The inverter would not turn on using the switch on the control panel in the galley.  I placed a call to the dealer and they suggested I hit the reset button on the front of the unit.  Only one problem: the inverter had been installed in a very difficult (read: impossible) to reach position due to some modifications made to accommodate a battery bank upgrade and solar panel controller.

Long story short, I will have to take it in to a dealer (I hope under warranty) to have this resolved.  It’s not a deal breaker though…just means I can’t recharge my phone or turn on the TV’s when boon docking. Not a huge inconvenience but I’ll be happier when it’s in working order.

I’m less than a week to my departure date…I’m keen to go!