Thinking Then Acting

Thinking Then Acting

I guess it’s about time I kick off this blog…I’ve found it difficult to begin because I don’t’ know where to begin.  Suffice to say, it’s December 2013 as I write this and the serious thought of full timing in an Airstream was initiated in about January of 2012…almost two years ago!

The idea of full timing took about six months to germinate. Sure, it sounded great but was it going to work for me? I had a job, friends and a career in Sydney, Australia when this all started. Did it make any sense to leave a job and home at the age of forty eight to do something I should be doing in retirement? I began to think about “How much is enough?” for me…

I did some number crunching and felt assured that at least financially, I could do this.  I could rent my house and have a passive cash flow that would leave me with a small shortfall at the end of the fiscal year. I’d have to get creative to make that up throughout the year but that would be part of the adventure.

The next step was to run it by friends and family. I was prepared for all sorts of commentary about a “mid-life crisis” but instead was met with almost as much enthusiasm as I had for the idea.  Even my parents were on board…though I’m sure they just thought it would probably be easier to go along with “another one of John’s stunts” than to argue.

So by July of 2012, I was mentally committed and it was time to come up with an action plan and get all my ducks in a row…