Winter 2015

Winter 2015

Time to restart Airstreamorama after over a year hiatus. I hope I remember how to use WordPress!

After working at Amazon in Kentucky I returned to upstate NY for Christmas with my family. There wasn’t much snow this year but Christmas with family is always special.

I spent New Years in State College, PA with my friend Mairead, an incomparable host. I didn’t mind that on the day I was supposed to leave that the area was paralyzed with an ice storm and I had to stay an additional night. Luckily Mairead was prepared for a catastrophe like this, translation: she opened a bottle of champagne. Perfect!


After the worst of the ice storm passed and the roads were salted, I continued to Ohiopyle, PA to see Conrad and take in Ohiopyle in it’s winter glory. Conrad had another visitor, Jeane, who’d just returned from living overseas in Belgium where she’d worked in design and was now in the process of resettling in the US. The three of us had a great time out in the snow and then back inside sipping whiskey. Not a bad way to spend time in the cold.

Kentucky was freezing when I returned in early January. Nighttime temperatures were below zero and the furnace struggled. I couldn’t hook up the water because I hadn’t insulated the hose but I managed with water in the fresh water tank. I spent a few days in Kentucky waiting for the temperature to rise above freezing and then I made a break for it for the three day drive to Melbourne, FL.

The first day I drove to the Top of Georgia Airstream Park in northern Georgia. There are a handful of Airstream RV parks dotted across the country and while they are primarily for Airstreams only, a few of them allow a certain percentage of non-Airstream RVs. It was the off-season at the park in Georgia and the place was pretty deserted but it was a beautiful spot. I was situated next to a babbling brook that backed onto a forested hillside, very tranquil.

The next day I drove to the coastal town of Brunswick in pouring rain with one very muddy detour in the backwoods of America.  The trailer was covered in muck making this OCD camper very antsy!

The temperature slowly cleared and warmed as I approached the coast where I spent my first night “camped” in a Walmart parking lot. Since then I’ve discovered I have a penchant for overnight stays at Walmarts, they’re perfect for breaking up a long drive and usual offer lots of conveniences nearby.

The third travel day saw me arrive in Florida, with a very dirty Airstream, for a two month stay at the Melbourne Land Yacht Harbor (another Airstream only park).

Land Yacht Harbor is a 50+ (age) Airstream only park. I was 49 when I arrived but they said they could bend the rules and let me stay if I was on my best behavior. The park was spotless and I had great neighbors. There is nothing like seeing rows of shiny Airstreams and palm trees on a sunny day.

Melbourne was very nice as well…not too big or small and my friend Marianne’s parents were nearby and they were a hoot to hang out with…thanks for the Manhattan hangovers Frank!

A couple of weeks after I arrived, my friend Steve from Sydney visited for a couple of weeks. Steve rented a Mustang convertible that we drove to Fort Lauderdale, Key West and Miami. Fun ensued!

We caught up with a couple of fellow Airstreamers, Steve and Dale, in Fort Lauderdale and had dinner with my cousins and their boyfriends one night.

After that we drove down to Key West a place I’d always wanted to go. It was stinking hot but a lot of fun! Our last stop was Miami where we took in the usual sites along with a couple of amazing museums, The Perez Art Museum and the Rubell Famly Collection, and ate some tasty Cuban food.

My winter in Florida flew by. After the road trip south I made another trip down to the Fort Lauderdale to do some bridesmaid dress shopping with my cousins…that was definitely on my bucket list and we had a blast!  We avoided the Brazilian churrascaria for lunch.

In early March I left the trailer for a couple of weeks and visited Sonoma county in California…

…and then returned to Florida where I moved the Airstream to Vero Beach where I volunteered with Habitat For Humanity for a couple of weeks.

From there the seasons changed and I started moving north.